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Up-and-Coming Organization Scores Mega PR Success  . . . with HealthFlash

The American Society of Breast Surgeons - in the front lines in the battle against breast cancer - is a small newly formed organization that had
never enjoyed the front line national media presence it deserved.  Recently, the Society turned to HealthFlash Marketing to generate the major
press coverage that would help focus attention on the organization's vital activities and boost its membership. 

By successfully capturing the interest of virtually every major health syndicate, HealthFlash Marketing generated hundreds of stories about the
Society that focused attention on the organization, its members and new developments in the fight against breast cancer.
American Society of Breast Surgeons
National Syndicate

Associated Press
Reuters Health
Web MD

Key Individual Media
USA Today
Washington Post
Chicago Sun Times
Los Angeles Times
. . . and many more!
Associated Press Television -syndicated nationally and internationally
Associated Press Print -
syndicated nationally and internationally
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