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In-depth knowledge of healthcare.
Ongoing relationships
with major healthcare
consumer and industry
Cost-effective, flexible service.
Outstanding cost/ benefit.
Knowledgable and experienced, HealthFlash eliminates the learning curve.
"Sony Medical
has worked
with the
team since
2003, and they
have always

Julie Holodak
Marketing Manager
Sony Medical
A full-service marketing communications firm, HealthFlash is
distinguished by its detailed knowledge of the healthcare arena and the
ability to deliver high-quality, results-oriented services within an affordable
fee structure. 

We excel at managing highly technical industry-specific campaigns as
well as making sophisticated information user-friendly for general
consumer and business press.  HealthFlash is small and specialized, and
every client is important, whether a small start-up or a well-known name in
healthcare. HealthFlash provides a full range of communications services
to clients from medical device and healthcare IT companies to  medical
societies and hospitals.

HealthFlash Marketing clients enjoy personalized services from
seasoned, creative professionals truly dedicated to healthcare. 
Beyond Buzz . . .
Strategy, Creativity,
                             AIM Precisely for Success
                                With HealthFlash's Actionable Intelligence Methodology

Few industries are as diverse and complex as healthcare.  What's vitally important to one stakeholder may mean little to
another.  Through our rigorous research-based methodology, we carefully segment your audience and develop
messaging precisely targeting each group's needs and pain points.  Then we deliver relevant intelligence designed not
only to address these concerns, but to motivate your audience to act in ways to achieve your goals.

Specialized, experienced and results-driven, HealthFlash Marketing Communications is the source for strategic,
targeted medical and healthcare communications.  Our expert, seasoned professionals eliminate the learning curve,
delivering impressive results from day one.