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                                       Paul Burton
                                                                     Digital Marketing and Web Design

Paul Burton spent over 15 years in the computing industry in the 1970's and both
operated and wrote programs for major mainframe computer platforms. In the latter
part of that 'first' career Paul was responsible for introducing, testing and ultimately
providing technical support for the then first desktop Pc's using DRDOS and later

A change of direction in the mid 80's saw Paul in the business to business
publishing world managing and responsible for advertising revenues for leading
technical magazines in the electronics industry. After launching his own magazine
and subsequently selling to a larger publisher he joined a major international
advertising agency where he gained the experience and skills in just a short time to
allow him to start his own agency specializing in electronics and food industry

Over the last 20 years, Paul has gradually moved away from traditional advertising
and marketing and since 2004 has focused solely on web design and web
development projects. His skills in design, his understanding of user interaction,
knowledge of internet related technology and over 30 years in-depth computer
experience makes him a major assets to any HealthFlash client involved with the

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