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Sony HD Technologies Showcased

Accelarad Images Outpace the Patient

Capsule Powers Advanced Device Integration

Laitek Advanced PACS Migration

Sucessful Capsule/Meditech Solution

Capsule Ventilator Integration Follows the Patient

Space Labs Cardioversion Across the Miles

•  Hologic FFDM Powers Successful Medical Practice

•  Therapeutic Research Center Kerr Drug

•  Spacelabs Patient Monitor Delivers

Siemens CT Supports Innovative Rural Hospital

Siemens Brings Multiple Benefits to Urban Hospital

•  Praxis Electronic Medical Record System Puts Flexibility Up Front

•  Middleware Drives Big Picture Information Flow

•  Neurostar Powers Virtual Radiology Business

•  Codonics Imager Caters to Physician Preference

•  Orex Computed Radiology Goes On the Road

•  Aurora Breast MRI Delivers Cutting Edge Care

•  Neurostar Wins the CD Challenge

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