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                                        Jeanne-Marie Phillips            

Jeanne-Marie Phillips, founder and president of HealthFlash Marketing, is a public
relations and marketing communications expert with more than 25 years of
experience.  Her award-winning campaigns combine a full range of attention-
generating and revenue-building techniques.

Both strategic and tactical, Ms. Phillips is a highly experienced program development
specialist and journalist, who has managed campaigns for dozens of companies in
the general healthcare, medical equipment and IT fields.  As head of  HealthFlash,
she has leveraged sophisticated communications and promotional techniques to help
clients successfully build market share and revenues, establishing them as industry
leaders or positioning them for sale. 

Jeanne-Marie Phillips leads the strategy and program development for every account,
provides in-depth writing services and acts as a key client contact, assisted by a
diverse and experienced full-service account team. In this role, she has interviewed
medical experts from around the world about breaking healthcare technologies and
written in-depth articles that have appeared in wide-ranging publications, helping to
generate strong visibility for clients.  She attends over a dozen major medical
meetings every year to keep abreast of developments in the field.

Prior to launching her firm under the name of Jeanne-Marie Phillips Communications
in New York City in 1986, Ms. Phillips held management positions with a range of
well-known New York City marketing communications firms, including Hill and
Knowlton, Rowland Company and Porter Nouvelli.  In these positions, she managed
diverse accounts in the healthcare, general consumer and business-to-business
arenas and today brings a far-reaching experience and vision to meeting the needs of
every client.

Jeanne-Marie Phillips has held a variety of workshops and is a frequent lecturer on
marketing communications.  She is author of a monthly column in a major industry
publication exploring healthcare technology trends.

Jeanne-Marie Phillips is a graduate of Cornell University, where she studied English
and biology.             
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