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McKesson's peerVue QICS is a complex IT product that integrates data from various healthcare IT applications and makes it available beyond the native application across the enterprise.

The company sought to create a short tag line that would communicate the product's value in a quick, provocative way.

HealthFlash devised a memorable tag line, versatile enough to become the focal point of an advertising campaign and to grab attendee's attention on a trade show booth.

This slogan was a multi-faceted branding project.  Other components of the campaign are showcased on pages that follow.
Product Slogan:

Turning Information into Insight.
For an IT application that aggregates and analyzes data from multiple applications across the healthcare enterprise.
Product Tag Line:

If Your Information Isn't Flowing . . . QICS IT.
For an IT application that aggregates and analyzes data from multiple applications across the healthcare enterprise.

As part of its messaging program, McKesson also sought an attention-getting tag line to serve as a call to action for to generate customer inquiries.  HealthFlash delivered  a concept that generated  strong enthusiasm thorughout the company.

The tag line also has been used to represent the product on the trade show booth and in numerous other applications.

Product Slogan/Medical Imaging Market:

Own the Imaging Lifecycle.
For an IT application that aggregates and analyzes data from multiple applications across the healthcare enterprise.

As part of the project, McKesson wanted to create various branding elements that would capture the attention of various segments of its target audience.

This slogan  was designed to appeal to Radiology Departments by positioning QUCS as an application that could allow them to track and control the medial images they create wherever they are in use throughout the medical environment.
Product Re-Branding: 

TA2P, digiTA2P , radTA2P, mammoTA2P
For a family of medical image storage solutions that help sites convert from hardcopy to digital format.

SourceHOV's TAP product line had a long and rich heritage in the medical imaging field.  But  the original acronym, Teleradiology Archiving Program, had become outdated over the years, and the product line had expanded.  HealthFlash was asked to re-brand the company's offerings with a name and graphic look that recalled the former products but updated it for the new millenium.

HealthFlash repurposed the acronym to stand for Total Accesssbility Archiving Program, and added a prefix to connote each product in the family--digital image storage, general radiology analog to digital conversion and mammography conversion. 

HealthFlash also created a new updated graphic look using contemporary colors, font choices and superscripts to create a memorable family of new logos for  re-branded products.  Thumbnail logos were added to enhance  the digital-age look and visual appeal
Product Slogan:

Image it.  Archive it.  Own it.
For cloud-based digital medical imagestorage solutions that allow medical sites to maintain control of their data.

When IT data is stored in a vendor's  proprietary format, the enterprise often loses true control and ownership of their information.  With its cloud-based storage solutions for the medical imaging industry, SourceHOV allows users to retain control of their data.  As they expanded their product line, the company wanted to emphasize this in their branding and asked HealthFlash to provide a strong slogan.

The resulting short three-part branding element conveys the imaging process in a nutshell - acquire a medical image, store it with  the  SourceHOV TAP program and maintain ownership - forever ,f desired.

Product Slogan:

Two Views.  One Vision.  A Better Way to See Cancer.
For an GE's  dual-modality PET/CT imaging system that superimposes two distinct anatomical medical imaging
views to provide enhanced visualization of a disease.

GE Healthcare wanted to highlight the power  of its new PET/CT  imaging system to simultaneously acquire and display images of cancer and related diseases using two imaging technologies delivering  superimposed images  to create a single, more powerful picture of disease. 

The product slogan developed by HealthFlash for GE's brochure reflected the unique capabilities of this device and hinted a the shared dedication of doctors to defeat the deadly disease as they sought a better way to fught cancer.
Product Slogan:

A New Dimension in Intervention.
For the first-ever digital image management system for interventional peripheral cardiology imaging.

Seeking a unique tag line for a first-in-its-class product, Mennen Medical turned to HealthFlash to create both a memorable slogan and a print advertisement.

HealthFlash produced a memorable and versatile concept that served the company well.

Viztek is an up-and-coming company offering a line of software IT applications and a high level of customer service. The company prides itself on its ability to customize installations and to deliver a product that clients and fine-tune to meet their specific needs.

Wishing to highlight this, Viztek requested that HealthFlash Marketing create a memorable slogan to sum up their philosophy and incorporate it in a range of promotional materials as well as their booth design.

Product Slogan:

Your Practice.  Your Preference. Your Productivity Solution.
For a line of PACS digital image management solutions  that are distinguished by their ability to cater to an individual
user's workflow preferences.
Product Slogan:

Pleasing Patients.  Powering Profits.
Umbrella slogan for product line.
Product Branding:

CinemaVision, SereneSound   
Product names for a line of entertainment systems - including video and audio only - that are compatible with a
magnetic, MRI environment.

A major player in a small product category, Resonance Technology wanted product names that refulected the cutting edge technology incorporated in their products  an their ability totake some of the feart and manoteny out of the intimidating MRI exam. 

HealthFlash provided upbeat descriptive names for the product and also developed a product tag line that highlighted the dual benefits of the system - to increase patient satisfaction and make exams more profitable for imaging center, which can use the technology to  distinguish their center to attract more patients and repeat exams.
Corporate Tag Line:

Fountain House People - Purposeful, Independent, Proud.
For a not-for-profit dedicated to helping people with mental illness and helping them integrate into society in
meaningful ways.

Fountain House is a non-profit with a wide range or programs serving people with mental illness.  The organization wanted to cut through the stereotypes and prejudices that surround people with mental disabilities. They requested a simple, straightforward tag line that would present their clients as competent, often self-sufficient individuals with a range of abilities who deserved respect and  should be judged as individuals.
Product Slogan:

Virtual Technology.   Real Results.
For an IT application that aggregates and analyzes data from multiple applications across the healthcare enterprise.

Neurostar solutions was among the first compnaies to bring medical image viewing and storage into a cloud environment.  The company's ground breaking PACS solution  operated virtually through offsite servers from it inception.

When introducing the product, the company sought a slogan that would quickly and instinctively differentiate the technology from a typical workstation-based PACS,while reassuring users that they would enjoy real, tangible, reliable results.

This short slogan and key graphic accomplished these goals and stood out from the crowd at a the time.

Product Slogan:

Powerful.  Immediate. Precise.
For an innovative radiotherapy system that delivers treatment during surgery that had to consider FDA issues with
any claims of product benefits.

Karl Zeiss, well known in the the scientific product arena, sought a sought an impactful message for its innovative new radiation therapy system. At the same time, this message could not overstate the product benefits in an FDA-sensitive arena.

HealthFlash created a strong but appropriately conservative slogan that highlight the products benefits without s over-promising results.
Corporate Slogan:

Realizing the True Power of PACS . . . RealTime Image
For an up-and-coming digital image management PACS vendor - RealTimeImage - that wished to emphasize its
name generate recognition in the marketplace.

RealTimeImage, a newcomer to the  healthcare IT software field, wanted a slogan that would enhance name recognition.  HealthFlash created a  branding element that emphasized the name, while positioning the company as in the vanguard of technology.

The slogan also crated a platform for emphasizing positive attributes of the product such as real speed, real versatility and real value which was carried out in an advertising campaign.
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