Project Description

Samsung Neurologica

Samsung NeuroLogica manufactures the world’s first truly mobile CT that is easily transported in the hospital from room to room set up in a department beyond than radiology without challenging, permanent siting requirements.

This email campaign takes advantage of creative, concise attention-getting headlines to engage appropriate specialists and promote the benefits of mobile CT in various non-radiology settings, especially during the pandemic.


Subject Line:  Keep Vulnerable Patients Safe with Mobile CT

Using CT in the ICU to image extremely sick and vulnerable patients distances them from the COVID-19 population being scanned in the Radiology Department. Additionally, mobile CT also can be deployed for exclusive scanning of coronavirus patients.  However, the company is currently out of stock of the appropriate models. As a result, this campaign focuses on using mobile scanners for non-infectious patients but will be broadened later.   It also introduces a concise and easy-to-understand global theme for the device’s benefits during the pandemic, which has been used in more general advertising.


Subject line:  Mobile CT Reinvents the Interventional Suite

Interventional patients are typically sent to the main Radiology Department for CT imaging and then return to the interventional suite for treatment.  This touts the transformational workflow benefits interventional radiologists of enjoy by having a mobile CT at the point-of-care.


Subject Line: Virtual Autopsy Made Practical and Affordable

CT imaging enables non-invasive examinations known as virtual autopsies. Virtual autopsies result in a large savings of time and staffing costs as well as more precise reporting and minimize contamination risk.  But siting a CT in a crowded autopsy room has been difficult until now.  This emailer highlights all the advantages.


Pronounced: (brak-e-therapy)

Subject Line: Enjoy Breakthrough Brachytherapy Workflow Efficiency

Likewise, this campaign announces the breakthrough, breakneck speed enabled by bringing CT to the point-of-care compared to sending patients to and from the Radiology Department. It covers a group of products from various vendors that create a seamless solution.