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Shyness – New Book Contends There is No Such Thing

“Beyond Shyness” From Simon & Schuster Offers Important Help For The Socially Anxious

We all know someone who suffers from it–the teenager who dreads parties and never attends. The second grader whose best friend is a Nintendo game. The 35-year old office worker who is uncomfortable around co-workers and still lives at home with her parents. For years, shyness has been considered an indelible personality trait, something you had to live with. Now, a new book contends that shyness is a learned response–a habit that can be unlearned.

Beyond Shyness: How to Conquer Social Anxieties by Jonathan Berent A.C.S.W. redefines the concept of shyness as social anxiety–a fear of humiliation or rejection that leads to classic anxiety symptoms such as heart palpitations, clammy hands, nausea and recurrent negative thought patterns and avoidance of the situations that bring on the anxiety.

“There is actually no such thing as shyness,” writes Berent, whose New York practice offers the only clinically proven treatment program for the social anxiety and shyness in the nation today. His program has helped thousands confront and overcome their social fears. In the comprehensive, 250-page book, Berent discusses his pioneering work and the techniques that have helped thousands overcome their problems. Through interactive exercises and supportive advice, he helps sufferers work through the fear, anxiety and disappointments that have become a way of life after years of social failure and isolation. He outlines a specific step by step program for overcoming problems.