Project Description

Successful 12 Market Media Tour for New Breast Cancer Treatment

A Nick of the Skin, a Flash of Cold, 25 Minutes on an Exam Table. A Promising New Treatment for Cancer.

Cryoablation destroys tumors from the inside out through exposure to freezing temperatures. While the treatment is well-established for many types of cancers, IceCure is a pioneer in cryoablation for breast cancer with its innovative Ice3 technology. Thanks to IceCure, cryoablation is finally precise and practical enough to target minute cancers even deep within the breast.

Charged with building patient enrollment in a major cryoablation clinical trial as well as bringing patients to numerous surgeons offering the treatment independently, HealthFlash successfully generated major television, print and online coverage of the new breast cancer therapy in more than a dozen markets . . . With more to come.

See the Icecure Press Kit

IceCure Press Kit

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See the Icecure Press Kit