Project Description

A Single Company: A Single Integrated Healthcare Vision

Powerful, Consistent Messaging Helps Lexmark Unify a Diverse Family of Healthcare IT Aquisitions.

Lexmark, best known for its line of computer printing products, recently made a strategic decision to build a significant footprint in the rapidly growing healthcare IT market. It acquired a broad range of existing technologies from numerous well-established healthcare vendors.

The resulting comprehensive suite of IT offerings now helps medical facilities connect, manage and share information across the enterprise for a complete view of the patient. But what Lexmark lacked was a system of related promotional materials and dedicated website area presenting a complete view of its new product portfolio and important benefits.

Based on HealthFlash’s reputation for creativity and technical expertise, we were retained to develop collateral with relevant, engaging product themes and consistent messaging that showcased offerings as part of a fully integrated IT platform meeting today’s significant healthcare challenges. At the same time, the material needed to stress the functionality and value of each offering as a stand-alone product.

HealthFlash worked with individual product teams, which often had transitioned from the original vendors, to weave multiple product perspectives into a family of brochures, white papers and web copy that reflected a singular Lexmark vision.

Currently, the results of this ongoing effort appear on the Healthcare section of the Lexmark website, with select copy and slogans also contributing to an engaging, easy-to-understand Lexmark healthcare website section.

Repositioning Lexmark Healthcare with a 20-Piece Portfolio of Collateral