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Dear TV Producer:

It can save your life!

An annual mammogram, along with a monthly breast self-exam, are the best defense against breast cancer.

But are you getting the maximum results from your yearly procedure? Do you play an active a role in your own healthcare? Does your wife, girlfriend or daughter?

“Women must take the initiative to combat breast cancer,” says Rebecca Zuurbier, M.D., director of Betty Lou Ourisman Breast Center at Georgetown University, a nationally recognized breast screening and diagnostic center. “A monthly self-exam is extremely important, as is an annual physical exam by a healthcare professional, who can also teach you the best way to examine your own breasts.”

“Evaluate mammography facilities.” she advises,” “Find out whether they handle a large volume of the procedure. Specialists who read breast films daily may be more attuned to subtle details that signal a problem. Look for the latest in breast cancer technologies, which may provide earlier detection. Every year, a significant women die needlessly of breast cancer. No one can afford to ignore the problem.”

I’d like to suggest an interview with Dr. Zuurbier, during National Breast Cancer Month in October. Extremely informed and articulate, this Harvard-educated physician screens hundreds of women each year and can provide valuable insight and advice on how to select a mammography center. (See attached)

New technologies being successfully applied to the fight against breast cancer, including digital film viewing, ultrasound and PET.

Breast cancer detection and treatment in the next millennium.

New FDA Mammography Quality Standards Act guidelines for more effective mammography.

New multi-disciplinary approaches to fighting breast cancer, which provide integrated services from risk assessment through surgical consultations, if needed.

Inspiring case histories of women who assumed active roles in their healthcare with positive results.

In the forefront of the fight against the disease, the Betty Lou Ourisman Center recently installed a SmartLight Digital Film Viewer, which employs important scientific breakthroughs to give doctors access to an unprecedented level of image detail and clarity on mammography films. It represents the first advance in medical film reading in over 100 years.

Along with the Center’s other advanced equipment, SmartLight would make a fascinating visual backdrop for Dr. Zuurbier’s presentation. She can demonstrate firsthand how anatomical details not seen on a traditional lightbox dramatically appear when the same film is placed on a SmartLight.

The American Cancer Society estimates that 180,000 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed this year. I hope you will agree that this segment would be of interest everyone. I will call you shortly to follow up your interest, or call me at 888-655-3434.


Jeanne-Marie Phillips