Project Description

TA²P, digiTA²P , radTA²P, mammoTA²P

For a family of medical image storage solutions that help sites convert from hardcopy to digital format.


SourceHOV’s TAP product line had a long and rich heritage in the medical imaging field. But the original acronym, Teleradiology Archiving Program, had become outdated over the years, and the product line had expanded. HealthFlash was asked to re-brand the company’s offerings with a name and graphic look that recalled the former products but updated it for the new millenium.

HealthFlash repurposed the acronym to stand for Total Accesssbility Archiving Program, and added a prefix to connote each product in the family–digital image storage, general radiology analog to digital conversion and mammography conversion.

HealthFlash also created a new updated graphic look using contemporary colors, font choices and superscripts to create a memorable family of new logos for re-branded products. Thumbnail logos were added to enhance the digital-age look and visual appeal.