Project Description

Viztek Imaging

With its roots in radiology software, Viztek is a healthcare technology company that has grown rapidly to become a well-recognized force in the industry, and HealthFlash been an important part of this growth. Viztek’s expansion has been through not only the addition of new product categories-CR, DR and more – but also an ever-broading specialty marketplace. Installations now include orthopedists, podiatrists, veterinarians and others. In addition, growth has been accomplished geographically through sales efforts in South America, the Middle East, Europe and Australia.

Over the years, HealthFlash has been instrumental in supporting Viztek’s growth by adapting its advertising and public relations programs to engage with these various audiences.

Print Advertising

Your Practice, Your Preference, Your Productivity Solution

Throughout our relationship, HealthFlash has managed messaging, advertising, collateral, public relations, trade show promotions and general creative services. We have helped steer the company through tremendous change. Early on, Viztek relied almost exclusively on public relations to build visibility and was extremely pleased with the visibility achieved.

Today, it has dramatically expanded its marketing program and HealthFlash also plays a crucial role in the planning and execution. In addition to this, we believe that our ongoing relationship with company leadership also speaks well for the success of our efforts. In particular, HealthFlash managed marketing for several Viztek leadership-owned companies have been sold to larger companies. This includes Orex CR, sold to CareStream Health in the mid 2000s. Because of our success in helping to grow the presence of such start-ups and positioning them for sale, HealthFlash has been brought in to support numerous affiliated firms, including Ultraspect (nuclear medicine), Corindus (cardiology) rcadia (cardiology).